Tina Ngo Bartel

Tina Ngo Headshot

Tina Ngo Bartel serves as the Director of the Center of Excellence for Labor Market Research for the San Diego and Imperial Counties Community Colleges.

The organization produces reports for the community colleges to develop training programs that respond to employers’ changing workforce needs. Her background consists of eight years of analyzing regional labor market trends and her research has brought in more than $20 million in grants to San Diego County for training programs.

Prior to her work with the community college system, she ran the research and business programs departments at the San Diego Workforce Partnership – the local Workforce Development Board, which funds work-readiness programs for youth and job seekers from low-socioeconomic communities.

Tina is currently a doctoral candidate for the joint doctoral program in educational leadership at UCSD and Cal State University, San Marcos. Tina is also a certified Project Management Professional, where she helps stakeholders execute projects and use data and research for continuous improvement. Tina has served on the Corporation’s New Markets Tax Credit Advisory Board for the past four years.